Friday, October 31, 2008


have you ever let your mind wander and wonder about me?
taking chance to dream daily of occurances in which you wish would happen?
I do.
I day dream of passion,
of stillness,
of smiles.

True, I can still smile in the stillness of passion,
and make commentary,
doing all three individually is what I dream about.
the glow of white lights pressed on your chest
as your back presses against my chest, half laying.
the tit for tat
discussing this and that
while the chune is playing,
seats heated.
I'm talkin conversing void of fingers and proofreading.

Though your breath on my neck is desirable and somewhat impossible to resist,
is what occupies my mind on trains. destitute of a "good read", I write.
see this is the gift that I was given and I present this to you.

Though the presentation of my body in the red light
wrapped in moans
and silent screams are inevitable
and somewhat impossible to control.

My mind runs rampant on reasoning with you under the sensi maybe?
to know your problems and brainstorm of solutions,
to hold your head and caress it with assurance,
to lay your body in my comfort.
Playing chess and every other intellectual game that would make our brain nut.
I daydream about chinese food, pizza, ice cream, ackee n saltfish, fried chicken and everything else we can feed each other watching HBO on demand.
catching itis and dissappearing from the world.

have u?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Spur Of The Moment (Or was it meant to be)

I'm still stuck on the situation, I dnt want to, but I'm tryna forget it That lil big thing that happened during the time we were spending Vibes started sending messages to the subliminal between me and u And honestly, @ the time I didn't kno what to do I've wanted u for so long and now here u are, but that was deaded, we're now friends, or so I thought Sumthin bout u forever had me stunned by ur walk I was drawned to ur attention from ur voice when u talked Our eyes locked, my heart dropped, and then there was a spark My feelings were locked until u started puttin in ur pention Flashing lights flashing I didn't kno what was happenin And the sudden feeling zoomin thru my body was amazing I then open my eyes, to find ur face infront of mine Ur nose is touching mine and then my mind is just bugged Realizin ur fingaz runnin thru my scalp past the roots Lookin @ ur kiks kicked off next to my boots, Lips pillow soft reminding of my cotton sheets Skin silky smooth, she must moiturize thoroughly before she sleeps Deeply in a dark void she and I start to creep The time was now, so we did what we feltwas meant to be Later on, we're tryna to realize this is wrong, but its not I say we shouldn't go on, she tells me dnt stop I'll do anything for her, so I go, and I go, and go and go Until I'm ready to explode But was it the spur of the moment, or was this meant to be Cuz since then, even when ur not around me ur all I see At times I wonder if u think we should be But I kno we can't cuz ur man works right across from me I see you walkin 2gether, sayin that should be me U were supposed to be venting, u talked about it with me Like I said, maybe it was jus the spur of the moment But I kno where ur feelings sumtimes dwell So whenever ur ready to refill ur bin of water, my whell is always open to ur bucket No matter what happened during that spur of the moment..........

Created By
Ricardo Belcon

Lost In Lust

When she walks down block its like time stops and all eyes are on her.. Every nigga in the street loses their mind at the smell of her perfume. Her skin is as smooth as warm milk chocolate over vanilla ice cream..... But all that beauty doesn't make up for her sad way of thinking. She's looking for a quick come up. So she's always seen where foreign cars are driven like chariots and everyone is silent because their money speaks louder than prison loud speaker.. The body that the men in her neighborhood set as the standard of beauty gets used every other night as a rich mans play thing and every other morning she gets awakened by mans zipper going up then gets up enough 2 see his back as his footsteps echo her apartment.. She continues this routine with hopes of one of these men will share their "Good life" with her not knowing she's just a Friday on his calender of weekly one night stands. Now the men in her neighborhood watch something so beautiful get used and thrown away as if she has "Disposable Pussy" stamped across her pelvis.. Now when she walks up the block they hang their heads wondering will she ever learn.......
Created By
Salahudin of Geminetic Soul

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Love Epiphany

For me to wake up with a smile on my face I would have to fall asleep next to you. For me to laugh I must first cry with you. Your the definition of my other half i need you like a lost child needs his mother. You are the blood that runs through my veins. Your the light at the end of the tunnel that gives me hope. You are just you and that's all i want and need. Simple just like life just like the way i love you simply, I am not implying to you in every syllable of my verb that you are it. Basic... Be just that nothing to complex, don't talk too much, just act, act simply on your innate emotions don't be common, don't be repetitious, don't be overzealous be you, that is all i want you basically and simply.......... You

Created by
Geminetic Soul