Sunday, March 29, 2009


New sleeps with reminiscent sounds that frighten me.
Alone again with my thoughts as New thinks that He is awake.
I should already have a hobby in times like these.
Old used to tell me to sleep too.
Only tired of being alone I seek the affection of the one who shares quirks now kisses are perks,
He'd rather me than work, but I am still scared.
Scarred by Old and wanting New to rub cocoa butter on it,
gently to make the pain go away.

Tell me I'm not buggin.

Too emotional for casualties,
this just ain't me.
Carpel tunnel forces ending but thoughts are just beginning.

While New had
The Itis


Friday, January 23, 2009

Queens Bread

Toes cold like hoes on South Road,
Toes froze like the nose on hobos,
its crazzzzzy,
Rush hour so now I gotta squeeeeeeze through
these peepoole (people)
smellin like stale seafood,
worse in the summertime.
I surf all year round.

Oops I touched the pole.

Purell goes through hell every day,
every 20 minutes,
killing a germ in 15 seconds,
that's not fast enough.

Cuties can't see me, cuz I'm lost in the shuffle of these jokers,
6's and
crappy hands,
so I gotta bluff like I gotta man.
Still in my surfer stance,
pretending to be occupied so that they think my mind is elsewhere.

Why is it always the dude with the dreads that spots me?
figures we have something in common so continues to try and eye-lock me,

this shit is outray gouse

yo beat that bongo stop playin.

She said it's so cold in the D
well NYC aint much warmer,
searchin for a triple fat goose but its like I can't afford her.
I'm slippin...

now maneuver your way around these wild juveniles
cuz school's out
the animals are free.
Watch them claim streets
they will neglect after senior year,
but fuck that cuz for now they roam.

Give your seat to the elderly cuz they've been standing longer,
about 50 years longer,
so 5 stops won't be all that bad.

Get off.

Go home.

Lay down.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A talk with Faith

Last night I was pillow talkin with a beautifull angel. As the rain hit the window she whispered in my ear. "shhhhhh don't speak. My name is Faith and Love is also my mother I was away the last time you spoke 2 her but we've been watching you and we see that you try and you've been hurt so much that can no longer cry. I'm here to tell you that there's no need for tears because even though love is our mother some people don't find her for years. But your different you understand her your just need someone to explain it 2 and sometimes when it doesn't work the person you blame is you. The fact that you believe in her really all that she ask and if you continue to be patient you will feel your true lovers grasp. While she spoke tears ran down my face and as it filled my ears she kissed my for head smiled then disapeared.. Salahudin. H Nemley

The "Good Fight"

I wear my heart on my sleeve so I have blood on my cuff..wondring the streets so I often get bumped and sometimes my heart gets crushed...year by year I walk the streets getting bumped.. I get battered and bruised the pain comes and goes until I cry black tears wrapped in sadness...but do I wipe them...NO!... I wount hide behind walls built by heartache and sadness..I wear my tears as bages of honor..because I am a General in this war on love and happiness...I will not retreat and I refuse 2 be a casualty...I stand at attention while others wave their white flags...I will stay in this fight I refuse 2 lose and before I give up I will die Fighting this war...... by Salahudin H. Nemley

The Bad side of Love

I've cried empty tears that are filled with negative emotions. In a haze walkin the streets but I feel like I'm coasting. You know like that camara they use in a Spike Lee movie, with my mind elsewhere everything is slow motion the hippies will call the feeling "Grooovy" but wat I'm feeling feels like confusion,anger,pain,sadness, All roled up in a ball of dispare. I feel like I'm drowning and I'm reaching for thin air. Love can be like a warm bath followed by a good book or movie then turn around be like sliding in a puddle of razor blades and alcohol......But the crazy part is I wouldn't trade for the world lol....... Salahudin H. Nemley

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Get to the Point

Leave me speechless,
biting bits and pieces
of my neck,
arm, and
Return and let tongues do tricks contortionist envy.
Grab me comfy.
Rest hands in soft pillows of me.
And have sheets wrapped on bed posts because nudity is what's in right now.
But fashion those cloths around my arms when ready
for now your body heat is sufficient.
My screams would announce to all those who care,
all those who are there,
I mean you
that its right.
Cuz see I used to be a screamer,
the type that would just say your name upon deep eye contact.
But now they mean something,
now they hold value as you hold me up,
I didn't know you could,

are you my rock?