Sunday, December 14, 2008

Two Parts

psst. ehem.. Quiet Space.. shhhh k? just lay here under these covers with me.. n.. let me hear u breathe.. please?.. can..can we lay here.. and. and.. be? can we be gone for this moment? can we be intangible to time and space?.. please? can untouchable?.. by EVERYONE?.. let's just lay, simply, n forget where we are

Me? Umm okay, sure, here? But I...I gotta..okay. What about?..okay. We can lay. Your heart speaks volumes to me, telling me that you have longed for my company, I am wondering if you hear mine too. Roll with me every couple of minutes, into a couple positions, and hold me as we fade.

SCIENZE and BEKA (collabo)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

LIfe in Heels

She walks with a switch in her hips.
adding a pep to every step, she is fierce!
click clack, click clack.
those orange pumps are going to work!
on her toes she goes,
creating more callus than she had before.
her legs are sturdy, and sexy.
long and strong!
but with every step, damage is caused.
pressure on her knees, as she relies on her heels for support.
stop light
red light- stretch those legs
green light- strut your stuff
yellow light- take it slow and easy. ease the pain.
over worked calves.
over worked toes.
over worked spine.
stop light.
you're young. wear all the pumps you want.
yellow light- you can barely make it down the block before feeling pain.
red light- orthopaedic shoes are her new best friends.


Monday, December 8, 2008

Starlit Skies

Gazing up at the starlit sky she pops in my mind.
Seeing images of her chocolatey complexion and suckable lips.
The thought of her honey dipped kisses gives me shivers.
She owns my mind.
Whirlwinds of thoughts of her smell, her touch, the warmth of her soul dances in my head.
To easy to fall in love with a woman like her.
Her eyes glisten like they are filled with water bringing smiles to the faces of the toughest men.
She is the brightest star in the sky.


Saturday, December 6, 2008