Saturday, July 23, 2011

R.I.L Amy

Amy Winehouse dies and I'm not supposed to cry? Her stories aided so many women in moving on from love, with love, celebration and mourning. She will be missed along with Aaliyah , Left Eye and the other women in music who left the world too early.

Amy brought the real that readied the world for Adele. The " you are not alone in this" while other singers told you to just go party. She provided the soundtrack to the tears that needed to escape and told you that it was okay to go back to black because things don't change overnight. Amy wasn't afraid of being dirty and gritty on the floor in the streets. That's how we felt sometimes, dirty and alone on the streets . She didn't allow mainstream media to turn her into " the perfect woman," she was always true to herself. She was a woman not afraid to shout her love to the world and hold on to it any way she could.

R.I.L Amy .. Rest In Love