Sunday, November 30, 2008


Ladies we can't let the men be cocky ALL the time. We have to regain our self-esteem and let THEM know that this right here just aint going to be the same old same old.

Your stature wants me,
The way your shoulder blades fold, whisper to my thighs that they are strong enough to rest.
Lower back proves enough support for my calves,
Arms able to reach my lower spine, even if I were to lean back.
I can make your toes curl,
Ears big enough for control, I don't wanna hear that you don't cuz you do, well you will
Eyes able to scale all 153 lbs and determine the actions of each ounce.


Smell my body's work after my bath, no artificial flavorings.
I will grab your lips, with mine, hold them for the alotted time
and make you beg, with gestures for me to continue.
But I will hold off to lace your neck gently, because u refuse the results of them being any harder.
Your chest, looks to provide as a handrail for my ride,
Same with your stomach.
Your hips and waist small enough for stretching not to be required,
though I wouldn't mind.
Down to your legs, long enough to suspend me,
Calves strong enough to sustain me
Feet big enough to carry
I'll make ya toes curl.
Objects not mentioned will be hidden,
In spots you would swear was home.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Damn its crazy the way shit has changed out here. Sometimes I wake up not knowing if ima make it through the year.. When I walk the streets I see young woman become whores young men tryna become drug lords and if you walk into the projects that's all goin on on the first 2 floors... Its a shame cause these people got it twisted thinkin they free just because it was said and written.. But they don't know that the bill was never signed so they can try 2 bust a u turn and go back 2 slavery anytime.... Sometimes I get depressed when I see these young dudes walk by me cause they walk around eyes open and mind closed like black zombies.... They think they livin in freedom but they livn free and dumb quick 2 say they know their rights not knowin in actuality they have none.... See you must understand the mental shackles their brains are in tieing bandanas around their head killing over colors again and again... Now Obama is our new black leader everyone put ya fist in the air and say yess. But I feel like they gonna do him like thay did Malcom X... That Freedumb sickness made them kill their own brother. We get compared 2 crabs in a bucket cause instead of helping we pullin down each other... While I stand here as a proud black man I hope you heard wat I said but before I go lets recite the new pledge.... I pledge alegience to the flag of the united people of new america and to our public for which we stand one people under god indivisable with freedom and knowledge for us.
Created by
Salahudin of Geminetic Soul

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I Kissed R&B

I kissed r n b today
And he sung his verse hook and bridge so deep into mah soul I could hear mah heart unfreeze from the lies that others told and mah back tingled just a little as he settled in so suttle for the kiss
And he spread his lips and leaned in I felt that I cud breathe again
Kissed the very thing inside me that wasn’t feelin it and he told me to feel in him
Search through the heart of him and find why I was tearing and
Rapped me inside his instrumental until I was instrumental to him and beautiful is what he called me as I helped spread the words across our symphony erasing back then
We became musiq …..soft touching smooth talking oozing ….into the melody just seducing the both of us until it was fluid , I became so loose I was starting to loose it ,
My mind I mean….. see the crime is he ….just kept it real with me
Realer than my everyday reality , until the point where I cudnt trust my eyes to see , I was falling even though the ground was right in front of me
Until I kissed r n b today in a special way he made me feel at peace
Even though all of this was just me and my ipod track after track
And I just released
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